Web Design by Future Nameplates

  ​Has built reputation on designing and creating custom

               labels for clients all around Australia. 

    All of our nameplates are suitable for use either

      indoors or outdoors and are designed to be stronger,

     more durable and long-lasting than the products they

                     were designed to be applied to.

Our nameplates are resistant to chemicals, abrasion, oil &

      waterproof, weather resistant and extremely durable.

 Available in a variety of finishes including matt, textured,

       brushed, glossy, chrome....etc created with a custom

     engineered permanent adhesive backing. THAT STICKS!!

   Available in an unlimited variety of color choices.

Our screen printed vinyl stickers are designed for the

  Australian outdoors, inks & vinyl used are made to last

a minimum 3 years but have known to last beyond 10


​​​​If your the kind of person that has full colour graphics we

highly recommend a special kind of printing called digital

printing. The inks used have an outdoor life of up to 12

months, however laminating your stickers will prolong the

life a further 6-12 months when used outdoors.